Saturday, July 30, 2011

salam ramadhan semua

bermula lah bulan berpuasa kepada semua umat islam
1 ramadhan al-mubarak
semoga semua umat manusia menyambutnya dgn penuh rasa syukur
bersama meningkatkan ibadah brbanding tahub lepas
selamat berpuasa kwn2 ^-^

Sunday, July 24, 2011

misi ramadhan

lbh krg seminggu lg nk puasa ye kwn2.
puasa tahun nih sy banyak plans tau.
maklum lah brpuasa sebulan kt rumah.
dlu2 mne ad mse nk plan nih cz 2,3 ari sblm raye bru balik rumah..
pape pom..
y ibadat2 tuh mst la sy trmasuk lm misi y plg atas.
target dh di set.
i'allah dgn izin-Nya tp xpayah la diberitahu dulu,
erm,,brbalik kepada misi yg lain.
misi 1:
buat kuih utk brbuka puasa :)
mmg tiap2 kali puasa saya lah pembuat kuih-muih utk brbuka
lps mak masak main dishes n tlg dya ckit2
saya lah kuih maker..hehe
jgn xtau pulak nih pandai masak (hehe,brlagak tol)
kuih y biasa sy buat mcm onde-onde iaitu buah melaka dlm bahasa melayunye, tepung bunga, putri mandi, ulat bulu(nama kuih ye!), butir nangka n mcm2 la
(semua tuh kuih tradisional rakyat kelantan ye)

misi 2:
cdg2nye nk buat biskut raya tahun nih..
dh alang2 duk kt rumah kn,,hehe
nk wt biskut coklat chips,  honey cornflakes n mcm2 lg la
n my mum pom nk wt kerepek pisang jgk cz thun nih banyak pulak pisang kt depan rumah nih brbuah
dah la dkt bulan puasa nih..bek buat kerepek kn,,huhu

misi 3:
cari duit!!huhu
plan cari duit nih rahsia kerajaan tau so xlh gtau la details nye..hehe

hidangan wajib semasa brbuka akn d usahakn brsama my mum..hehe


misi2 lain..memang banyak!
tp xtau la brhasil o tidak..
pape pom..
really can't wait for ramadhan's festival
full of ibadah, ganjaran pahala n happiness!!

p/s:wlpn puasa x lg tp sy dh habiskan sekotak kurma brsama keluarga,,hehe

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

carving for this cake!

tiramisu cake, come to mama!hehe

Bahan-bahan ( 8 orang atau lebih )

  • 1 biji sponge kek atau apa2 kek
  • 250ml whipping cream
  • 200ml cream cheese
  • 1/2 cawan gula halus
  • 1 cawan air panas (nak bancuh nescafe)
  • 1 sudu makan serbuk nescafe
  • serbuk koko untuk hiasan

this delicious cake has crossed my mind lately.
i this cake melting in my mouth before Rmamadhan comes..
anyone, please!hehe

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Dia datang lg!

dia datang lagi awk..
dia datang..
saya suka sgt2..
dh lama sy tunggu..
t dia datang my family ad sme2..
boleh makan ngn fmly sama2..
sape la dia 2 kn..??
sape lg
xkn x knl kot
dia slalu datang..
tiap2 tahun!!
selamat datang ramadhan Al-mubarak
terasa rindu pd kamu sgt2
lgpom sgt truja puasa thun nih..
dah lme x brbuka n brsahur sme2 ngn family
selama sebulan tuh..
dekat 3 thn lmnye 
xdpt brsahur n brbuka sme2 
klu ad pn just 2,3 ari sblm raya..
skg nih..
wah sebulan tau..
y pasti
sy mmg tnggu bulan ramadhan nih
terasa ad sesuatu y indah setiap kali dia datang.
ad lg lbh kurg 2 minggu sblm ramadhan
sy ttp tak sabar!!
sy sgt merindui kamu!!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

this what we call...

this is what we call a determination...
it was about my old memory at secondary school
which i'll never n ever forget it for the rest of my life
i was a former student of Sekolah Agama Rakyat (SAR)
i'd stuck there for 6 years because there was a special class for the beginner called PRA to expose ourselves with those Arabic terms and grammar.
my school..
not like other schools..
where school in this modern world should be, trust me!
my school has no comfortable canteen to eat,
my school has no clean, tidy toilet,
my school has no cleaner,so we ourselves were cleaners
my school has no basic laboratory, so, we never done a single experiment!
my school has no even a small room called library, so we never had a chance to borrow or kill our time in a library.
my school has no green field, so we always mingling at the housing area nearby to play on their field during sport day.
my school has no enough class especially during the examinations where most of us will be given a vacation.
my school has no hall even a small one, so we have to combine classes to make one and used the study table to make a stage.
my school has no room to carry out our Kemahiran Hidup final project, a creative craft so we did it in our class after the school time.
my school lacks of everything in terms of facilities and necessities.
indeed, i really want to admit it!
we even sometimes not having a single assembly for the whole month just because we has no enough space to do so.
seriously, many people would said it is really pathetic.
truly it is..
i'd never felt such a good feeling while i was at that moment
i'll never n ever regret for being at that school
despite all the deficiency
i manage to be a successful human being up to now
that what i consider myself now,
seeing many student from a luxury and complete facilities school having so many problem not mentioning those  being a rubbish in the society. they should be thankful for such a good surrounding to study.

i am really thankful for being there,
even though
i did got an invitation letter to further my studies in science stream at famous religious school in my state called Maahad.
but, i refused to accept.
i did finished my studies at that old school
until i manage to further my higher level of studies in a university

for me
all the facilities are indeed the basic necessity for a student
but, what we really need to achieve what we want is
a single word called,
i do thankful to all my teachers, thanks for your willingness to be my teachers

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


last night we got a big shocked
terrible thing happened
my dad lost his cash money
he just withdrawn his money not more than 4 hours
the amount..honestly was quite big la 
at first
wonder who was that bloody culprit that easily took others money
without giving any effort in earning it
we got really curious!

my dad took a solution to go to his friend house
his friend is having some sort of what can we call 'ilmu2 ghaib'
relating to this kind of matter

he said 
this theft is not a human being
(at first i thought it is a human being thing)
he said
it was a little visible tiny thing
so called 'toyol'
 mingling around our neighborhood areas
same goes to
some of our close neighbors also 
got some kind of headache relating to their sudden money lost!
not a human being 
its a evil spirit 
i'm not saying that i'm afraid of it
may be a little after thinking of the possibility
that i might bump into it and
illustrating it ugly little face..
patotla my dad said dy cm pelikcz duit dy slalu habis cpt!
as a muslim
i do believe this kind of things as written in Holy Book, Al-Quran
and as a human also
i do have this kind of freaky feeling..hehe
the important part is that
i hope our experience will not happen again 
i know it is hard to earn some money
poor my dad
(klu bg kt ank dy xpe gak..toyol pulang balik duit tuh!)
ya Allah
bantulah kami..
jgn jd lg hal cmni..