Thursday, September 27, 2012

sedih :(

hari ini....
saya sangat sedih...

2 hari sebelum masuk sem baru,
my beloved sony handphone was missing,
i don't know where has it been.
i don't think i misplaced it somewhere
cz i just charged my handphone a few hours b4

about 2 days and 2 nights i were searching for it
but lastly
i was gave up..
may be Allah knows best

i really treasure my sony so much
as it was my first handphone tt i brought it using my own money
after nearing three months working at the factory..
imagine how much effort did i spent
to buy my sony..
yes, i'm really upset..!
moreover, my second number was also gone wit it..

my second number was meant to use only for family matters
that i used to use it to talk with my mum for hours..
even we always in touch for almost everyday..
but, saya lagi suka bergayut dengan my mum..

really, i'm sad!  
then, i use my old handphone
but sadly.
pagi tadi enset saya terjatuh..!!
skrin jadi kabur....
tamatlah riwayat my old handphone..
now, i have no handphone...
tak tau mana nak cari duit beli handphone baru..
help me...hua3

p/s: semoga ada hikmah di sebalik semua dugaan ini :)

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